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02-15-2013, 03:00 PM
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Point1: PKilling last year: 1st
Why? good puck pressure

Point 2: PKilling this year: terrible
Why? As passive as ever

UGH? Diaz over Subban on the PK is mind boggling.

Point 1: 5 on 5 best pairing last year (actually the only pairing remotely decent last year:
Subban - Gorges

Point 2: this year: "Let's put Subban with Bouillon (who's doing a fine job btw) and Gorges with Diaz"
UGH? "Yeah but Diaz is not very strong, ideally 16-17 min a game would be perfect, and while we are at it, Bouillon would actually benefit a lot by playing 16-17 min a game at his age"
"Screw you, Subban with Bouillon and dont overplay them"

Point 1: Subban makes a costly mistake in the 3rd period.
Point 2: Opponent takes a penalty in OT.
Result: Subban on the bench on a 4 on 3, play about 20 seconds over a 5 min OT.
UGH?: Subban is a gamer, give him the puck in clutch situations PLEASE, especially when he actually made a mistake before, he'll buy it back. Makes statement when the team actually have a comfortable lead and he does a mistake, he'll remember just as much.

I dont like how they used him right now and he's still doing a fine job, that should tell everything we need to know. He's a gamer, let him play.

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