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02-15-2013, 02:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
Well, in this situation one hopes Luke Schenn (and an improved Bryzgalov) minimizes points against and counters that loss of offense. Unfortunately, neither of them can make up for a struggling Giroux, injured Hartnell, inconsistent Brayden, declining Briere, disappointing Coburn, or injured Mez.

I wasn't exactly a fan of the trade at the time. It was too similar to Montreal with LeClair, I thought we were giving up the higher upside. However, defense was a more glaring need than offense, even with the loss of Jagr. I'm still not sure how I feel about that trade itself, whether it was a mistake or not. What I do know is that the Flyers need to start developing their own defensemen.
I felt the trade leaned somewhat in Toronto's favor. I was hoping to get back a litte more. But I really like what I have seen concerning Luke's play. The young man is a winner and gives our defense a snarl to it. His hits and blocks are very impressive. I am happy for my fellow New Jersey neighbor, but he had to go. People are in love with scoring stats that is all they look at. There is way more to the game than potting in some cookies. The lose of Hartnell really hurt this club. He has a bigger impact than alot of posters will give him credit for. Jagr did not want to wait and moved on so thats that. He is a pro's pro and the season he was here hopefully influenced the young players what they need to do in order to become a better player. Yes its nice to develope your own players but its not the end of the world. Free agents, trades play a big part. I am glad this club always stuck to their board and picked the BPA at the draft. As far as Briere goes he is one of the guys I feel should be brought out after this season. If I was managemnet I would talk to him about moving to another club and if he was not in agreement then adios Danny. Now this is subject to change if by chance he starts playing like a 6+ million man, but I just do not see that consistency in his game and when you are a samll player there is only some much you can do. So whatever it is you better do it very very well. Coburn is a enigma to me. The guy has the tools but no tool box. He could be had if I was the GM but not unless I got fair value in return. Ottawa may be in the market for a good defensman right now and Kimmo would look good there, but that is another story.

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