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02-15-2013, 02:39 PM
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Originally Posted by TZM View Post
Try FF8 I've watched some uTube vids where they have a lot better graphics but I can't seem to mod them like that. Should be totally possible to fix them. Love it anyways, with crappy graphs and all. The whole FF series until FFX is superb but after X it isn't quite the same for me. I wist they focused more on things they used to pay attention to, not only the graphics. Oh... and Nobuo Uematsu has to compose the music.
I never got into FF games, sadly, but many of my friends (yeah, right, like I've got any) say that part of the appeal about the series was the mystery aspect as well as the epic story. Sadly, they don't have time as adults to go through the story any more, so they can't be arsed to sit down and play it.

That's why I nowadays play more NHL and less large, story-based games as well.

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