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02-15-2013, 02:41 PM
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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
I dont understand the fascination with Eller. It is as if he has become god-like to many on this board.

You say give him some quality wingers.

Why not look at his shooting %? Its 4.3%. That has nothing to do with his wingers. That is all on him.

Even Cole, who everyone is raggin on, has a higher shooting %. The only forwards who have a lower shooting % are Pacioretty and Armstrong. Moen is at 12.5%. Maybe Moen needs a better Center.

Desharnais is small. However, he has better skill with the puck and despite playing with "less than quality wingers" (based on this years stats), his shooting % is second on the team at 21.4%.

Is the Eller love validation for Gauthier since this is the only return we have for Halak when Pierre basically gave him away?
What in gods name does shooting percentage have to do with players skill?

You neglected to mention that Eller also has almost 2x more shots then DD, while

Is the DD love validation that there is only 1 Quebec born player on this roster?

Also Eller is better on faceoffs then DD as of last night. His +/- is even, and plays 3 mins LESS per game then him, on a line consisting of a construction cone and a pylon.

What does DD bring to the Habs exactly this year? Last year he was sheltered and the team for some unknown reason played around his strength (the PP).

Eller is physical, he has 21 hits so far. I don't understand how anyone can say he has no upside when he has not been given a chance at all. What did DD do to deserve all the "saint" like treatment that he gets?

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