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02-15-2013, 02:49 PM
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What? They aren't building with 5 years ahead in mind? Based on what, exactly? Because they traded for Nash?

Stepan, McDonagh, Del Zotto, Kreider, Miller, Hagelin are all 24 or younger.

Fast and Lindberg are going to get an opportunity next year.

They're extremely high on Skjei, Nieves, and McIlrath.

Where is this nonsense coming from? They are NOT trading away young players for one year of Iginla. Nash was along-term acquisition.
I agree, i think the team is building for long term and short-term success. There's a reason so many of the youngsters like Miller, DZ and Kreider were off the table in that deal. Dubinsky was done developing, Anisimov is good, but i don't know that he'll be much more than what he was. Erixon and the 1st were the only real wild cards and we have a surplus of high end d-men since Staal, Girardi, DZ and McD are all relatively young.

I think this team will compete for a long time and who knows what other prospects will crack the lineup eventually like Hags.

I think Thomas and St. Croix also could be NHL'rs eventually. We have a lot of good young talent in the system AND on the current roster. But you need high end guys like Nash and Gabby to make moves on the big level as well.

This team is in a damn good position and unless they start acting like idiots, will be for a long time.