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02-15-2013, 03:16 PM
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Originally Posted by CasualFan View Post
Same as it's been since 2008. The market isn't viable for the NHL product; there is no legitimate interest in buying the team; rogue investors cannot close no matter how many pallets of cash Glendale forklifts into the equation; and we'll always get more info in precisely two weeks.
We just see $320,000,000 as a number, but that got thinking about just how many pallets it was with the Jamison offer.

$320M = 320,000,000 $1 bills

American currency is approximately 6.125" long x 2.625" wide x 0.004" thick. The base of a standard shipping pallet is 40" x 48". So, you can lay out the bills 6 wide and 18 across, or one layer of 108 bills. A 36-inch high stack, that would be ~ 975,000 bills, but lets round to an even 1,000,000 bills.

$1 - would be 320 pallets of cash the CoG was going to have to print to give to Jamison.
$20 - would be 16 pallets
$100 - would be 3.2 pallets

fun with numbers.

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