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02-15-2013, 03:21 PM
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Originally Posted by SolidSnakeUS View Post
I probably still won't get it even though I like Bungie. Mainly because I really will not buy anything Activision again. Even if they may not really have a hand in it, I don't want Activision to have my money. Mainly because it would help fuel constant and similar other COD games that all feel and play the same for the next few years.
I agree in the sense of the Activision watering down the COD franchise. But I also look at it in a sense that if you owned a company that makes A TON of money by pretty much releasing the same thing every year (with some changes) wouldnt you do it also to make a killing? I would. That being said, if this new franchise is good (Ill start deciding that on Sunday) I'll take a shot at it. I have always played halo, its just something that my friends and I have always played. Something new by bungie that has a chance to be a dominate force and overtake the constant watering down of COD I like. Plus the first series is (usually) considered the best one by fans. Like Halo 1 and COD I thought were great.

Going to wait awhile before deciding between Orbit and Durango though. Just way too many unknowns at this point. Just sucks when Destiny and such games will be on Durango, while FF and the likes will be on Orbit.

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