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02-15-2013, 03:23 PM
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Originally Posted by RainingRats View Post
Playoff's aside, Guds has been unremarkable since he's come back. Being fair to him, he had a long layoff. His play this season has been pretty ordinary. A few big hits, yes, but nothing notable.

Kulikov has all the tools and appear to be on his way to a top pairing d-man. I see him as a #1 d-man in a few years when he gets his shot under control and more confidence in his offensive game. He does everything but fight very well. His skating has improved and he can move the puck really well. He's been very physical this year too. Once he stops making so many dumb decisions he'll be outstanding. Just a learning curve thing for younger guys.

I don't see it Guds being a #1 d-man. I know he's still very young but I don't see a #1 in him. I see him as a GREAT guy to compliment a #1 d-man, though and a future captain. He reminds me of a guy like a Brent Seabrook with all the intangibles. Horrible to play against, the type of guy who is a rare find around the league but not super skilled. He does have an underrated shot.

Sorry for the long response, I'm bored.
My view is Kulikov has all the abilities Campbell has and he will transition into a Campbell like player. You can glimpses of the similarities carrying the puck, the speed is gettng there along with the aggressive pinches Campbell does as well.

I see Guds as a younger version of Jovo when Jovo was a top D-man. Big, strong, physical D-man who can chip in once and a while. Again the glimpses of similarities are there.

Kuli and Soupy = Offesnsive D
Jovo and Guds = Defensive D

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