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02-15-2013, 03:31 PM
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Originally Posted by SolidSnakeUS View Post
If a new IP can overtake COD... I just don't think it can . Way too many people pay full price for COD even though it's literally been the same game since COD4. The only way that could happen is if Activision almost stopped marketing for COD and put out pretty much only marketing for Destiny.
I do think hype can be a big thing though. With the release of the new systems in December presumably, if they use Destiny as a "NEW on the XBOX 720 (or Durango, whatever the hell their calling it nowadays)", I THINK it has a chance to to take off. Overhyping something can either kill a franchise or make it stronger in a sense. Destiny is getting some major hype right now, due to the fact that creators of Halo and releasers of COD are working together on a single project.

Maybe this is just me hoping that it happens haha

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