Thread: Confirmed with Link: Manny Malhotra out for the season (on IR)
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02-15-2013, 03:32 PM
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Originally Posted by vanuck View Post
Sure there's the room for that kind of thinking, but let's not pretend that there isn't genuine concern for his safety out there either - if what Friedman had to say about players' observations of Manny is anything to go by.

Edit: Like tantalum said, Manny is a proud enough guy that he probably would want to keep playing even if there was a risk to himself because he'd likely feel as if he had let the team down by calling it quits. MG had to make that call for him (hence the part about taking the decision away from him) and I think it's the right thing to do.
exactly. There is a difference between waiting to bring a guy off the IR until such time as a roster spot or cap space can be cleared. That is something teams do all the time, though admittedly Gillis and Gilman are REALLY good at it and exploit it for all it's worth. But every team does it to some degree.

It's another to believe that the injury is fake. It's not fake. If it were you better believe the fines would be coming from the league and the grievances would be coming from the PA. There has been nothing to suggest at this point the league or PA has any concern of impropriety.

What we have is a player who has an injury that can cause severe enough problems on the ice that it puts him in danger of life altering injuries. Not career altering. True every player takes on that inherent risk when they play but sometimes that risk is greatly elevated and it's simply not worth it. It's why the possibility exists for Crosby to retire if he gets another concussion. In this case, the GM has decided to force the issue a bit to protect the player from himself.

And honestly, if Kesler was ready 7-10 days ago and they waited until now it goes to the same line of thinking....let's make sure you are ready.

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