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02-15-2013, 03:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Valrico Gold View Post
Yeah, I heard something like that.
The discussion brought out that tickets cannot legally be sold within 1,500 feet of the stadium. Approx 2 blocks.

I use Stub Hub all the time. Its great for the small time fan, even with the ridiculous fees.

You should make your feelings known to the Yankees. I just hope the Mets don't go the same direction, as I come in every summer, then use Stub Hub to get txxx at Citi.
I suspect that the Mets, and most other teams will soon follow the Yankees' example. When one owner finds a new way to make money the rest usually aren't far behind, fans be damned.

Originally Posted by Clowe Me
The younger Steinbrenner's got George's business side, but not his love for the game or the team, it seems.

I don't know them personally, but their actions seem as though they care about the all-mighty buck more than they do being a dominate team year in and year out.
I don't think that's fair, considering that the Yankees have won 3 division titles and a World Series in Hal's 4 years at the helm. And I also think that you're somewhat romanticizing The Boss, who never hesitated to squeeze fans for every penny.

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