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Originally Posted by Gone View Post
A few of us have been calling for a change in management since the Pronger trade. That management group would include both KLowe and Tambellini, as there is sufficient evidence that Tambellini doesn't make a move without his masters blessing.

An unbiased review of the history of management would show anything from utter incompetance through moderate success. The biggest knock against management in my view is the arrogant treatment of players and agents (Comrie's treatment by KLowe is just one example). This type of treatment resonates quite loudly with the NHLPA and it's members, and I believe is the single biggest reason UFA's refuse to sign here.

Tamblowe's track record when it comes to making trades to benefit the team is abhorrent; and when posters here defend it, it really says more about the poster than Tamblowe.

It is also clear that there ability to evaluate and recognize the needs of the "team" is lacking. A simple example is filling the team with smurfs, in a league that requires grit and size to win. This group has never been able to fill holes in the roster, and when they plug one leak ... it seems like the generate 2 or 3 others.

Their track record with RFA's and UFA's is just as bad as their track record with trades. We all know about such UFA disasters as Khabi; which are only moderately offset by signings such as Jones. What is clear though, are some players such as Schultz signing here as a UFA is a glimmer of light; but even as Tamblowe point out, he picked the Oilers, not the other way around. This is a homerun signing, but arguably one that dropped into their laps.

The draft track record is mediocre, and I believe still a work in progress. In evaluating Kevin Prendergast's work; who was hand picked by KLowe; drafting kid's such as Dubnyk and Petry clearly could not offset the abysmal record in off the board 1st round selections such as MAP, Nash, Plante etc. MacGregor in my mind has faired only slightly better because of the Eberle homerun. However, when evaluating him, take away the 1st overall picks and his record is probably less than average. Recently, I've wondered if in evaluating him, we look at just his North American team, how have they faired?

The coaching carousel is a joke. Four coaches in four years. Really, what happends next year? Five in five? There is only one team in the NHL that would allow management to get away with this. Want to guess which team that is?

I know many posters will tell you this is part of a grand plan devised by the evil genius KLowe. But that is nonsense ... this so called 'rebuild' was not planned. It was thrust upon them by failure after failure; and only then did KLowe promote himself and put in Tambellini as his fall-guy for the inevitable failures to come.

I only keep my Oiler "fan card", in the hope that one day, this management team will be fired. Rest assured, 3 or 4 years from now, when this team is continuing it's Florida / NYI style rebuild, and Hall is demanding a trade, Tamblowe will be replaced by MacT (the only guy with a brain in the oranization, and the sole proprietor of the 2006 cup run) ... and no, I don't want to lose anymore.
When will people get it through their heads that Lowe is going nowhere? He is Katz's buddy, the team isn't losing money, there is no reason for him to be fired in Katz's mind. Its two old friends having fun and nothing more. Next meeting: " Well, what if we tried this" (Insert next hairbrained scheme).

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