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02-15-2013, 03:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Slim Charles View Post
David Greene won a ton of games at UGA, but I always thought he was just on a good team. Perriloux was the top QB in the country out of high school, but washed out from LSU due to academics or discipline issues. Never started, but they used him as a running QB option, he was even the MVP of the 2007 national title game IIRC. He was crazy talented.
John David Booty was a slightly disappointing QB for a couple slightly disappointing USC teams. Main claim to fame was getting his GED after his junior year to enroll early.
Josh Booty was pretty mediocre, but he had taken four or five years off football to play baseball. Remember reading "top high school proapects" list in Baseball America a few years back that had him as among the top ten of the BA era as a 3B. No idea what happened there.
Perrilloux starred in the SEC title game, not the National Championship.

He was a tremendous talent, but couldn't stay out of trouble. When you're deemed too difficult for a program that had just graduated Jamarcus Russell, you know you've got issues.

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