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02-15-2013, 03:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Beerfish View Post
"We are a .500 team on paper, and we are playing like one on the ice."

This has to be the absolute stupidest assertion that is made on these boards on a regular basis. The ole we are .500 by including ot and so wins but not including ot/so loses as if that is an indication of doing well. Last year there were 23 teams at .500 or better according to this foolish way of looking at it. If you are a .500 team in this league these days you are a bad team.

The Oilers are 5-8 if you include ot/so 2-5 if you don't.
The year we went to the Cup Final we were 41-41, yet two teams below us had more wins.

POINTS are all that matters, not how you get them.

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