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Originally Posted by That View Post
I respectfully disagree.

In my viewings, Zadorov has been mean and punishing, but I felt he could be meaner. He throws some of the nicest open ice hits you're going to see. However, he tends to just stand around in front of the net and not really clear the crease (well not as assertively as he could). Kind of reminds me of Emelin. He's a physical beast, but he also plays with a lot of poise.

On the other hand, every time I watch Nurse, I think he's going out there to legitimately hurt somebody. He's so much meaner with his stick than Zadorov, and while he doesn't crush people like Zadorov does, if you go anywhere near the crease, you will die. I'd go as far to say that, in the OHL, I don't think there's a meaner defenceman than Nurse (maybe a tie with Pedan).

Nurse is certainly not as poised as Zadorov, and doesn't have the same level of polish either. Which are two reasons why a lot seem to give the edge to Zadorov. Both are fantastic prospects, and come draft day I'd be extremely happy with either.
Originally Posted by Mrb1p View Post
Yeah that's my POV too... Nurse look's like a monster out there and is NASTY around the crease and in the corners while Zadorov plays alot like Emelin good comparison but I think he's still a little bit nastier than Emelin.
Guys, don't forget it's easy to be a tough SOB in the CHL... a lot harder when you're 20 against men bigger and stonger.

Guys like Tyler Myers were monsters in the CHL and lambs in the NHL.

Let's draft for talent and overall play (use of the body) instead of trying to find a player who can match the Bruins nastiness.

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