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Originally Posted by MoreOrr View Post
Again man, you're talking about a whole lot of stuff that I'm not asking about, such as the alignment, how the seeding would be done, etc. I'm only asking about doing a two Conference structure, with two Divisions in each, and doing a Top-8 Playoffs... Doing all that, while at the same time the teams in those two Divisions inside the Conference only play each other two times in a Season.

Currently, Conference opponents play each other 4 times in a Season, which isn't such a huge difference from Division opponents. But 6 x verses 2 x is a significant difference to be used in Conference Standings, don't you think?

And that's why I'm questioning the proposed scheduling format, because if they decide not to do the 4-Conference structure then I think the proposed scheduling format will almost have to be significantly modified. That's all I'm debating with you and Grudy0 about. But you guys seem to be talking around my point and not tackling it head on.
Sorry. I often run into the problem of assuming that the other person understands more of my thoughts than he does.

So, since I guess the part in blue is the real question:
Yes, Ithink that. And, you think that. But, again, we are sitting here analyzing from the perspective that the first, most important thing is:
What makes sense in a world where the $$$ doesn't count, and we don't have to deal with 30 egos (well, 29 + Bettman. He counts more than one, I think.)

So, yes, that's a big difference to me. But, it won't be a deal breaker for the League, even if it should be. That's because:
1) A 6-division format is, as far as I can tell reading my tea leaves, dead.
2) Therefore, it will be a 4-group format somehow.
3) The owners seem to like the home/home and the players are on board.
4) I can't find another way with mostly even numbers (6s and 2s) to put the schedule together.
5) If it is a 4-div arrangement, it has to be 2-conf because of the 7/8 thing. We could argue numbers about that for a long time, but that is the PA reality.

Of course, my #3 above could be totally wrong. I was surprised how many 3s there are in this year's format.

The only other way is:
3 vs other division in your conference (21 or 24)
2 vs one division from other conference (16 or 14)
1 vs othe division in other conference (7 or 8) (these last 2 rotate)
The rest in your divison (34, 36, 38, or 39 depending...)

Which is lots of 3s, 1s, and 5s. But it does account for your objection.

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