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Originally Posted by usernamesteph View Post
My complaint with torts is that there is no consistentcy, you don't know what he's thinking and he seems to contradict himself at every turn.

He also seems to not want playmakers on his team...parenteau, zuccarello...

Refusues to relent in his ideas even when it's obvious they don't work..(Richards on the point)
I disagree. Players are inconsistent by their nature and he adapts his feelings on them to their current play. I think he's pretty clear with what he's thinking all the time. If a player is playing like crap, he'll say it. If that same player is later playing very well, he'll say it. Look at Hagelin - he was outright blamed for almost losing them a game earlier, called stupid more or less, and now he's the poster-boy for how to play NYR hockey. Look at Boyle, last year he was a hero at some points and he was commended, this year he's been lazy and he's been called out and punished for it.

I don't think he's against playmakers, as much as he wants everyone on the roster to play a specific style - hard on the forecheck, hard hitting, always on the move, and guys like PA and Zucc didn't/don't play that style and also didn't put up enough points to justify their inclusion on the roster like a guy like Gabby does. Richards is a playmaker, Hagelin is a playmaker, Stepan is a playmker, Callahan is a little of everything and he can make a play when the time is right.

I agree that Richards on the point needs to stop given Richards' play currently. However, he's been a solid pointman on the PP far longer than he's been a crappy one in his career, and I'd imagine the hope is that he's going to play his way through his struggle right now. He's obviously better than his play lately. I think Torts relents just fine overall aside for a few examples to the contrary. Safe is death didn't work with the roster he inherited here at first so he changed his gameplan. Block all the shots strategy didn't work to start this season and now they're playing a bit different, D men are aggressive in the offensive zone at the expense of not being able to get back and block, leaving Hank to get more clean shots on him.

I don't think he's perfect, but no coach is. I certainly don't think he's to blame for every problem that the team has and I think he was smart to send Kredier down and keep Miller up.

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