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02-15-2013, 04:33 PM
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Who was it that said Hatcher was like Pronger with a bum knee and a broken stick?

Derian was well suited to the clutch-and-grab Dead Puck Era when - unlike today's NHL - interference penalties were not called when defensemen made contact with forwards without the puck around the crease. He was lost in Philly in the new NHL, but, since he was older then, it isn't very significant.

The fact is he WAS effective in his era and has solid defensive defenseman skills of protecting his own zone, being physical, taking the body, certainly preventing rushes to the net by puck carriers. He's a solid 4/5 dman role on any team in this draft, who could anchor a second pairing.

AS a longtime North Stars fan, I have watched a lot of Hatcher. I thought him light years ahead of Zubov in terms of play without the puck. They were like night and day. If you needed glasses and weren't wearing them, you'd still know who was who with fuzzy, blurry vision just by how distinctly different they played.

As for Hatcher's captaincy. Yeah, he officially held the 'C" but it was Joe Nieuwendyk's team. When Joe went down with injury early in the postseason the year before they won the cup the play-by-play announcer said that was the end of the Stars cup run hopes that year, that the real leader of the Stars was out of the game. I concurred. It was obvious on the ice and on the bench.

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