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Originally Posted by Zip15 View Post
JFB and Woodhouse, what do you guys make of these new rankings? Why the falls for Barkov, Monahan and Lindholm? Were the rises for Nurse and Zadorov warranted? Do you picture a situation where those two defensemen go that high?
I think it's pretty sad what has become of ISS since they've been sold twice over the past couple years.
First a hockey dad used it to pimp his own son and sold it off and now it's just plain terrible.
You know it's bad when I corrected their Director of Scouting last year when he claimed a Q player was falling because he couldn't make the lineup anymore, when in reality he was injured for months..

As for specific player movement, Woodhouse pretty much said everything I'd probably say.
My attention paid to leagues besides the Q this year has been lacking though, so I can't really argue against some of it, but I just don't see what Barkov, Lindholm, and Monahan have done to be passed by three players I question.
I suspect they're infatuated by the physical gifts of Nurse and Zadorov, whereas I care more about intelligence.
I've already made my dislike for Nichushkin known so I won't go on about him again, but it's hilarious that they likely did this based on a four game tournament.
Call it getting "Tyler Biggs'd", if you will (some bumped him up into 5th or 6th after one of the smaller Euro tournaments in 2011, then he fell back down to Earth after he was no longer flavor of the month).

Also, I just realized Jones is 11 months older than MacKinnon. MacKinnon is 15 days away from being a 2014-eligible player. Young kid.
Same goes for Barkov.

Just one of the many factors, albeit a lesser one, that makes me prefer MacKinnon.

Originally Posted by tsujimoto74 View Post
I wouldn't even take Nichushkin at 4, for reasons already outlined + the fact that, as far as I know, there has been no indication of if or when he would come to NA.
His contract last until 2015.
Ignoring all of the other factors, is any team in the top ten going to take the risk of drafting a player they are basically guaranteed to not see for at least two seasons?
Not likely.

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