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Originally Posted by MoreOrr View Post
No problem, MNN, it was a bit frustrating there for a while.

So you're simply saying that yes, it doesn't make sense, but you don't think it'll matter.

But then you do suggest that "only other way is"... Now I think you must be seriously joking with that. But no, it's not the "only other way. There's that way that I suggested that you said wouldn't fly:
60 games = 4 x 15
16 games = 2 x 8
8 games = 1 x 8
84 games
60 games = 4 x 15
12 games = 2 x 6
10 games = 1 x 10
82 games
56 games = 4 x 14
22 games = 2 x 11
4 games = 1 x 4

The Bolded one with a 30-team League.
Again, as to the BOLD: It's a nice approach. I think it mirrors the NBA in some ways. But, if you do that, you really don't have 4 divisions any more, you have 2 divisions. Some might be ok with that.

I have 2 problems with it:
1) The 11 and 4 split works to me, but it is going to be hard to explain (of course, they basically do the same thing now with the 18 = 15 + 3 deal).
2) The teams that don't like the 6-4-1 won't like a 4-2-1 either because it doesn't help them.

So, I think there has to be a difference in the games vs division as opposed to games vs conference.

Now, one other possibility would be:
H/H vs other conference = 30 games (30 team league here).
3 games vs other division in your conference (You may not like that, but it is like this year's abbreviated season - 3 x 10 in fact is what they have) = 21 or 24.
The rest within division: For 7-team divisions: 28 games, so 4x5, 2x4. For 8-team divisions: 31 games, so 3x5, 4x4.

So, you might be so in favor of that, either.

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