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Originally Posted by VanIslander
AS a longtime North Stars fan, I have watched a lot of Hatcher. I thought him light years ahead of Zubov in terms of play without the puck. They were like night and day. If you needed glasses and weren't wearing them, you'd still know who was who with fuzzy, blurry vision just by how distinctly different they played.
I watched a lot of Dallas in the playoffs when they were a contender, and this is always the impression I had, as well. I didn't watch them nearly as much after Dallas's decline as a team, but basically everyone who did seems to swear Zubov got much better in his own zone in later years. I've recently come around on Zubov vs Hatcher - when Dallas was at their peak, I still think Hatcher was a little better overall (and much better defensively), but it seems that their careers went in opposite directions after Hatcher left Dallas (largely due to Hatcher's injury), so I've come around to accepting Zubov as the better overall player in an all-time context.

As for Hatcher's captaincy. Yeah, he officially held the 'C" but it was Joe Nieuwendyk's team. When Joe went down with injury early in the postseason the year before they won the cup the play-by-play announcer said that was the end of the Stars cup run hopes that year, that the real leader of the Stars was out of the game. I concurred. It was obvious on the ice and on the bench.
I'd like to see ck or modo's opinion on this. As an outsider, this seemed to me like the Canadian media pumping up one of their own, as much as anything.

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