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Originally Posted by MNNumbers View Post
Again, as to the BOLD: It's a nice approach. I think it mirrors the NBA in some ways. But, if you do that, you really don't have 4 divisions any more, you have 2 divisions. Some might be ok with that.

I have 2 problems with it:
1) The 11 and 4 split works to me, but it is going to be hard to explain (of course, they basically do the same thing now with the 18 = 15 + 3 deal).
2) The teams that don't like the 6-4-1 won't like a 4-2-1 either because it doesn't help them.

So, I think there has to be a difference in the games vs division as opposed to games vs conference.

Now, one other possibility would be:
H/H vs other conference = 30 games (30 team league here).
3 games vs other division in your conference (You may not like that, but it is like this year's abbreviated season - 3 x 10 in fact is what they have) = 21 or 24.
The rest within division: For 7-team divisions: 28 games, so 4x5, 2x4. For 8-team divisions: 31 games, so 3x5, 4x4.

So, you might be so in favor of that, either.
The two Divisions issue isn't a problem, not as I see it. Especially if they want to do an approximated 1st Round Divisional Playoff. As I've been saying, there's a minimum of 6 Divisional matchups to be had, but it could be 7 or even 8. On top of that, inside the Division you know during the Regular Season that you're fighting with those rivals for Divisional ranking as well as Conference Playoff spots.

But yes, that scheduling structure wouldn't help out the CTZ teams and Detroit. But it would help Minnesota and Dallas, while keeping Vancouver with the Alberta teams. It would put at least Washington back with the Atlantic Division teams. And other alignment adjustments.

So, it's an improvement, I think. And if the PA doesn't let the League have exactly what they wanted, then this could work.

I challenge also that if the PA doesn't want the 4-Conference structure now that they're not going to want it later either. I seriously don't see the significant competition disadvantage factor with the 7/8, BECAUSE, as some here have pointed out, if there are 4 Conferences and not 2 Conferences then there isn't an East vs West, so there is not East vs West competition disadvantage. Those 8-team Conferences can be anywhere, and those 7-team Conferences can be anywhere. Regardless of how it's broken down, you're going to still have 7 and 8 team Divisions. My point here being: If the 4-Conference idea never comes to fruition, then will the scheduling format that's proposed to go along with it hold up for long in a 4-Division structure?

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