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02-15-2013, 05:19 PM
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Originally Posted by RandyHolt View Post
VAN fans are trying to get rid of him because of that contract. You can tell because they try to rationalize the contract in every post.

Is that young stud a bigger stud that Lu?

If Lu's contract is not a problem and he is a top 10 goalie, why not sell the stud can't miss kid for a kings ransom? Instead of embarrassing themselves begging all the other teams boards to take him off their hands.

It would sure seem to be a lot easier to sell the new stud, right?
Well fans tend to be idiots and overvalue their players and undervalue every other team's players not just Van fans but all fans so don't expect any trade proposals from me.

I feel like Van has 2 top 10 goalies. One is older, more expensive, one is younger and cheaper. I am willing to trade either one. If you want the younger cheaper one it will be more costly than the older more expensive one.

I am also not one who thinks Luongo's contract is that bad which is why I have no problem keeping him. 5.3m is a reasonable cap hit that will only get more reasonable as the cap goes up. If he retires early which he most likely will (don't see him playing for 1m/year 7 years from now) it is Van that takes the cap hit.

If he decides to play there is no shortage of teams that would love a 5.3m cap hit at a real cost of 1m/year.

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