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02-15-2013, 05:21 PM
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Originally Posted by AdmiralsFan24 View Post
I really don't know why you guys are nitpicking at this. It's not like I picked them to finish 1st or even 2nd (!) in the division.

How did the rotation get worse? They're bringing back the same rotation that took them from 54-66 to 83-79 by the end of the season.

And I must be missing the whole division getting better thing.

Cincinnati added Choo, Manny Parra, Jason Donald and Jack Hannahan. Sure Choo is good on offense but he's going to be terrible on defense in CF.

St. Louis lost Kyle Lohse and Lance Berkman and signed Ty Wigginton, Ronny Cedeno and Randy Choate. Lohse probably isn't going to be missed because of the depth in their farm system but it's not like they went out and added a ton of pieces.

Pittsburgh added Francisco Liriano, Russell Martin, Mark Melancon, Jeanmar Gomez and Jonathan Sanchez. Once again, where's the big move that drastically improves them?

The only reason the division got better is because the Astros left it.
I doubt the ability of Mike Fiers to repeat what he did and they also don't have the benefit of Greinke and Marcum for a half season. On top of that, there's the potential threat of losing Braun for 50 games, which would basically harpoon their season.

The only team other than the Brewers that could be argued got worse is St. Louis and I'm not sure I buy that at all. Plus you do lose those extra wins against Houston.

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