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Originally Posted by Ryker View Post
I love these games, as well, and am always impressed by how well the Devils are playing. I also find it hard to dislike them, as they don't really have players on there that I hate, and their checking line, along with guys like, say, Clarkson turning into a bona-fide goal scorer, just adds to the likeability factor. And that's not even including guys like Kovalchuk, Volchenkov and now Ponikarovsky on there. But yeah, of our division opponents, they're the ones I favour, although on the other hand I do dread these games just as much as I like them. Nonetheless, I don't think we've been terrible these past games and the Devils are beatable, so I'm optimistic and am not expecting a loss outright. But one thing that does need to improve is the power play. I know we scored on a power play against Winnipeg, but that seemed more like a fluke, and while all of them were executed as bad as one can imagine, I've never seen a power play worse than that first one we had.
I find lots to hate about the Devils. Volchenkov is one of the dirtiest kneecappers in the business. I found it unbelievable that Schenn got a game for his hit, but Volchenkove went after Laughton's knee on an offside play and no one mentioned it. Loved seeing him eating the glass this week on the highlights. Hit him high and often.

Salvador spends the entire game holding, crosschecking and hooking and never gets called for it. I hate the ways DeBoer always looks like he's crying. And Brodeur, well, if I was playing the first time he came out of his net to play the puck, he'd be on his butt in the corner in a lump, and the second time too. Worth a minor. Yoiu can't dump it in when he's playing it, and the refs won't call all the holding and hooking at the blueline if you try to carry it in.

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