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02-15-2013, 05:41 PM
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Originally Posted by pepty View Post
Lets see-should we exclude all Swedes as well as anyone who has ever played with him or may have known him at one time?Players have played at one time or another with many other players in the league.They can be rivals and/or friends but still form their own opinions. Carkner plays for the Islanders now-who knows. he could be bitter about the Sens not resigning him.

Jason York said that players told him it was no accident. Sean Donovan and another player tried to recreate the play as they found the raising of one foot and then bringing it down with force angled toward the back of the leg to be suspect. Again no one is suggesting that he planned to slice his achilles, but he
was definatly reckless.

It is far from a consensus that players think it was a totally innocent and accidental play.
Plenty of people can see that this wasn't an accident. So no it's not the consensus.

...and im sick of Sens fans speaking for other Sens fans.

What about Karlsson, I bet he believes this wasn't accidental.

I love how Cooke is now the victim.

edit: this rant is in agreement with the post quoted.

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