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02-15-2013, 05:44 PM
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Originally Posted by PricePkPatch View Post
I usually don't care much for your work. But I like that piece.

It's rational, and tries to be objective. I am not 100% sure you are right in saying that the only reason DD is favored is because he is Quebecois, but then again, maybe I am biased myself.

My personal belief is that we can very well win with Plek-DD-Chuckie as our top 3 centers, as long as they are not the only thing carrying this team. DD can be a gamekiller when put in the right position; he has some playmaking skills that many only hope to ever acquire.

If Eller could fetch us a very strong winger to complement and stabilize our top 6, why would we automatically become a worse team?
There are people on this very message board that are saying the reason people prefer Eller over DD is because DD is Quebecer, like some sort of strange, perverted self-hating form of sado-masochism...So it isn't far fetched to say some favor DD simply because of where he is from.

Honestly we should ban all these self-hating, self-victimizing, perpetually sad perverts. Ban them all.

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