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Originally Posted by TriCycleDriveBy View Post
Absolutely not. He has no hands at all.

I agree 100%.

I always find it interesting when he's going against a goalie that knows him. I love to see what he's going to try. Sometimes he goes to the backhand move and it still works (which is almost insulting when you think about it) and other times like last night he just goes in and picks his spot.

His setup move for the backhand is just so good all goalies have to respect it.

SO's are entirely different from regular play. Nobody is chasing you, about to hit you, and you can take your sweet time going to the net. It's just a different skill set. I think him being defensively responsible is part of why he doesn't score much and who he is playing with.

I've been to them before and it's not 60-40. When I was there last (a few seasons ago) it was probably 75-25. All of the lower section is corporate season ticket holders, so you lost any ability to fill those seats pretty much instantly.

I don't think so. What does Tavares do well? He controls the puck and makes nice passes in the offensive zone. He can also snipe corners if he's given the chance, but he's not a Gaborik type who won't get physical. Tavares grinds it out.

If you could guarantee me that replacing Moulson with someone else won't hurt the offensive numbers at all, I'd be all for it, but the fact is scoring 30+ goals for three straight seasons is extremely difficult to do and I'm not so sure anyone on the Isles would be able to fill that role currently. Eventually you could move Moulson off that line or the team, but you just can't now.

JT also like Moulson a lot personally, which definitely impacts play and chemistry.

It's not building around Moulson, it's building around JT. It's giving him someone he can pass to and knows will finish. What that line needs is someone else who has the ability to puck control from the corner to free up Tavares so he can get more open looks. If they had that, then the other team has to worry about JT's playmaking ability and Moulson being able to finish. You don't want it to be a scenario where if they shut down Tavares the line sucks.
The only thing I ask, is that you watch Moulson's play in the offensive zone away from the puck.
If he has a shot at playing the puck against the boards or behind the net, he intentionallytakes a bad angle, to avoid physical contact. This insures the defender can clear the zone, meaning less time in the offensive zone, and less chance for a scoring opportunity.
Moulson is not an asset, he's a detriment. Please focus on him, especially when the puck is along the boards on his wing. Watch his pursuit closely! He's allowing the play to leave the offensive zone, because he's a soft player and has gotten used to JT doing all the dirty work for him. That's not what you want your star player to do, to take the physical battle day in and day out. Eventually JT will wear down and get injured. Then Matty will score 12 goals a year and end up like Mark Parrish, an NHL journeymen.

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