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Originally Posted by BadMedicine View Post
The Oilers brought Ryan Whitney in here to quarterback an adjusted-hybrid system that used set defensive plays and transitions combined in its core value approach, Ryan was a perfect fit and is still a top ten first pass breakout man.

Two years ago the NHS was introduced to the Oilers indirectly and unofficially online. The NewAge Hockey Systems philosophys began to seep into the Oilers game bit by bit. The NHS is the evolution of the adjusted-hybrid system into a 100% offensively catalyse possesion/transition style. This is done by eliminating set plays and focusing on 3 controlled transitons.

Ryan Whitney was having trouble adjusting his first decision within the first defensive zone transition out of our end, he is an elite first pass man who has developed hard to break NHL caliber habits that help him be elite and the adjustment brings his game down to human and exposes facets his passing normally nullifies. Ryan couldnt provide the consistant variable zone pressure needed to satisfy system requirments because of the way he sees the ice. His mistakes are magnified because of his past and our teams evolution away from his being the catalyst of our offense.

Ryan was not benched due to lack of effort or performance, it isnt his injurys any more than it was that last year, the Oilers organisation has a defined lack of integrity, these exact thoughts were offered on their site last year before we turfed the season by trying to do-initiate the fast break adjusted hybrid upon Ryans return, remember we had been winning consistantly using a different system the coaches chose based on the loss of Ryan and all the rookies we had, they chose a hybrid system that used a balance of set defensive and offensive plays for 60 mins, set plays that imitated a transitional system which is the type tht maximises our talent and skillsets, so we were having excellent sucess with Whitney not in the lineup and with Potter taking his place. Potter has an above average first long pass and can also consistantly use his mobility to pressure the puck straight up-ice to mix it up. Whitney needs to catalyse his play from behind the net and wait for the forwards to set up, we cannot do this anymore because Ralph wants his defence to put pressure on the forcheck .

Oilers managment was responsible for the devaluation of Ryan Whitney over two years, and it was done because they were disorganised and lacking a system that would help them win, they were trying to keep the adjusted-hybrid running hoping it would return them to the playoffs , Ryan was brought in for this specific task, however when our team was flooded with high end talent and skillsets its size dropped a tad and its truculence also dropped a notch or two like its experience level, unfortunately for the Oilers managment group the adjusted hybrid is best manned by veterans with moxy and patience, well now we found ourselves with the opposite roster men to what the system required and it showed in our ineffective attempts to make the system work, when Ryan was hurt we were forced out of the coaches comfort zone and we turned to a simpler system that did work for us, but remember this wasnt a tactical decision by the coaches that got us all the early wins last year--- it was a bleedin fluke we even changed the system!! A combonation of Ryans injury and all the raw rookies made us stumble upon sucess.

We still dont have a suitable system and every time I try to discuss the issue online people refuse to go there, there are to many fans who arent interested in the coaching and system stuff to get much feedback and it takes a long time to post the volume of data to properly discuss the topic.

However that being said , I personally created the NewAge Hockey System with the Dynasty Oilers PP and Gretzkys on-ice managment of it as my template. I spent two years posting NHS data to the team on their site, eventually it began to sink in and was implemented in specific cases with tremendous sucess.

If we used the NHS Ryan would still be a usable system asset at the elite level, he is right now even in this adjusted-hybrid system, its the coaches who cannot bring him onto the right page, this is because they dont have the communication skills to get the job done. These clowns dont even have a structured system description or historical context of the sucessful systems the Dynasty team used. If I asked them what the equivilant to a hybrid was in their pro vocabulary they wouldnt be able to conceptualise the hybrid to give me an accurate answer. As soon as I say abandon all defensive structure and framework they panic and immediatly begin to cover and run. When I say statistical analysis is garbage and useless they turtle or fight back defending the money and resources they are wasting, when I offer Intuative Dynamic Analysis as a superior replacement to their statistical analysis they balk at me, when I show them that the NHS is verifiable with results and point out that statistical analysis is like working with a Vegas Bookie and that those analysis cannot ever be verified based on results they refuse to discuss it and turtle or run.

When I say the NHS can generate 40+ shots and 4+ goals per game it scares them but interests them, parts of the NHS have been implemented over the last two years, the NHS and my online campaign led the Oilers to hire DarkHorse Analytics so they could try to leap over my head and prove that they had the resources to illustrate how the NHS was more accurate then they were. They were wrong and Statistical analysis is a waste of time and money. I offered the entire system to the team and was treated horribly, my data was utilised but I was completely ignored officially by the team, they used NHS data and tactics and then acted as if they were just hockey tactics which they already had knowledge of, it was a joke.

Dont confuse Whitneys results this year, they are system generated. He is performing to his best levels, his coaches dont understand how their own system works well enough to properly utilise him, for gods sakes they cant even sort out their shooting tactics as per their o-zone entrys, they cant even provide puck support after the initial shots, these are symptoms of an inadequate system.

Ryan Smyth is a victim of the same system evolution and coaching inability to communicate properly. Ralph Krueger can deflect accountability via players forever if he chooses, but he will still be showing a lack of integrity through that action when his troubles are system based.

The fact is this friends, the adjusted-hybrid squeezes out about 25% more offense than a traditional hybrid like most NHL teams use, it does this through the blending of specicficly a fastbreak d-zone exit with a transitional o-zone entrance and there is no middleground, the coaches dont even understand their own system well enough to realise this. There is no more offense to be taken out of an adjusted-hybrid like Ralph is trying to use, he is doing exactly as Renney did and he is trying to tighten up the defense, first technically and now with more physicality, nothing is going to work because the adjusted hybrid is designed to stay close to a hybrid and then eke out 25% more offense over 60 mins for the competative win, there is no dominance invloved here because a traditional hybrid can easily put an adjusted hybrid into a system checkmate and vice versa, this means that the transitional aspect of the adjusted hybrid can easily be shut down by most team in the NHL today. We have a talent and skill laden team that is able to execute a system superior to the adjusted hybrid we are using and the coaches just dont have a system template that they consider superior, after all the adjusted hybrid was created by the Oilers and it is as close as they could get to reproducing the Dynast Oilers results as was humanly possible over 15 years with oodles of NHL braintrust involved, for the record Gretzky himself couldnt reproduce his own system execution -- because he was a savant not a communicator his leadership was all on ice by example and direction where he could have tactile influence to even a tiney degree, the NHS teaches players how Wayne did this, it could teach Wayne how he did this.

I know how Gretzky thought the game and i am an Intuative communicator with a competative sports background, I have developed a system of playing hockey that is closer to Wayne Gretzkys cerebral tactical perspective than anything ever created to date. The NHS is and was tailormade for the Oilers. It could be implemented in one or two practices of games on the fly. I am also an ex-athlete that didnt exactly respect hockey players growing up in Hockey country and I crushed them all the time in all other sports and enjoyed it tremendously so my attitude is a bit abrasive when it comes to tolerating the elitist crap most hockey players including pros defend and spout off. I disregard hockey traditions and tactics because I hammered even the best athletes who were predominately hockey players as a young athlete because of their obvious and solidly coached into them limitations and weaknesses from a dynamic perspective, they were coached out of creativity so early by the time they were teens they couldnt think on their feet worth a spit.

If you are a dominant athlete and a leader It is hard to explain in words to people
how you can change an entire games outcome by utilising alternative tactics, by gently structuring game dynamics to favor your side, its called the "little things" that guys do, but really it is all dynamic situational managment, and has little to do with athletic ability it is more cerebral. many times I would do out of the norm things on the field or court to remove my opponents from their comfort zones and make them start to react dynamicly, weird things that arent usual to screw up their thought processes and to add unneeded facets to the dynamic, I tried to overload them mentally from the first minute on with my own focus being the last minute. The entire competition to me was one big dynamic chess board and my own actual contribution elite as it may have been was rarely the key to winning, I spread myself around as much as I could dynamicly and used my teammates as extensions of myself. This is what Gretzky did, and i know it because i was dominant, not competative but dominant. You cannot be dominant based on your own athletic skillset, ever.

For hockey people here is an example, during a game I would use my athleticism to push a specific defender to within 80% of busting him down but I wouldnt bust him down, I would let him off the hook thinking he had outplayed me, then I would revisit the same guy and take him to 80% of being beaten again and let him off the hook, then I would pick a teammate wose talent and skill level matched the amount needed to school the target and I would then use my own skillset to exert peripheral pressure on the play dynamics and I would then "talk" to my teammate and tell him when to bust his move on my signal, and seriously I would create the proper dynamic and exert enough peripheral pressure in the right places to weaken the targeted opponent even more as my teammate acted as my hand of god and smashed the opposition through the weakened hole in their dynamic action potential.

You see people I needed everyone to play a structured system to allow me to be the floater or the general and still execute my own system responsibilitys properly, and in all my years of competing I only ran into a few athletes with this ability actually I only remember one an elite football player named Palmer I played with. He was able to match me physically and mentally, and he was always bothered by knee issues at that. Methinks if he was consistantly 100% healthy he mayyy have outdone me.

The NHS already has some Oilers players who are students of the philosophys, I could name them easily because I can immediatly see their NHS influences as they initiate them on the ice. In fact if you read this last 3 paragraphs you should be able to identify the one Oiler leader most able to drag this team to a cup already because he is doing exactly as i described consistantly and has been for two years, two years of historicly documented NHS data influences being manifested on the ice by an individual is very easy to identify if the tactics are counter to tradition which the NHS is. In fact there are several individuals who have embraced this NHS system on the Oilers as per their on-ice performances and efforts and adjustments. If the coaches had any cojones and if managment had any cojones they would have already found the source of the NHS data which happens to be me, instead I was suppressed and banned from their site and the Oilers hired Darkhorse to counter my influences in an attempt to replicate my Intuative Analytic skillset, my bet is that even mentioning the NHS is a punishable offence. Statistical analysis is garbage and cannot be verified as being results based on any level whatso ever, it is like Snakeoil. The Oilers Hackathon is a blatant attempt by Darkhorse to scalp intuative analysts from cyberspace in an attempt to fill this void before their statistical analysisscam is exposed. Welcome to my world boys, I am notjust an Intuit which alone is extremely hard to find but i am an Intuit with a sports background, and ha ha ha not only an Ituit with a sports background i was ha ha ha the Most Outstanding athlete in my High School and coached 3 different athletic teams after school for 3 hrs+ 5 days a week for extra credits. There is no replicating this dynamic because the combonation of intangibles is ultra-rare. You want to hire an Intuative Analyst to help your team you want to hire me, if your team is a hockey team even more so because there is a unique special dynamic here, I NEVER played hockey at any organised level in fact I hate skating totally but I played every other sport imaginable, I was never exposed to hockey type coaching and brainwashing, so I seem to be in an interesting dynamic position where there is zero hockey coaching influencing me to any degree. Add the creation of the NHS to the package and I say my going rate is whatever the stats crooks get plus a game by game premium based on wins and losses, hell i will base all of my renumeration on wins and losses, why not.

If my approach and attitude seem odd this is normal as I am a visual thinker which is how I do what i can do. I am not a traditional thinker as most people are. I have no reverse gear and i ultra-focus, I dont ever visualise failure, it just isnt an necessary option if you plan on winning at everything you do. Competative dynamics are ALWAYS decided in the arena of competition by the men or women competing, coaches and systems and tactics all become secondary when battle is engaged. One man can catalyse the win every time, if the team believes in him and trusts him, one man can manifest victory against any opponent irregardless of skill or talent differential. It always takes a team to win but teams always need to have leaders and one type of leader is an Intuative leader like Gretzky was and like Steve Nash is.

The Oilers need to catalysearound this type of leader because they have 3 or 4 players who can provide this type of leadership and all are at different evolutionary points. One is a natural visual thinker by birth and several are learned visual thinkers who have developed the ability which IS TEACHABLE. soon the team dynamic will become clouded as their natural tendancies pull them to try to take the bull by the horns. These players need this ability to be delegated and utilised within the system immediatly. On most teams just one of them would naturally rise to the top quickly and definitively, but with so many we will end up having the wrong type of internal competition in the team dynamic if we dont begin to micro-manage these assets properly via system execution that provides tangible results, you see losing will make these types of players fall back on their individual strengths leading to a fracturing of the leadership dynamic. This group need to define its leader or leaders and it needs to see winning results soon or irrepairable damage will begin to affect the team dynamics.

We are blessed with a handfull of minds that can see the game in an elite manner, most teams are lucky to ever find just one. we do not currently have a system of play or coaches who can recognise and harness this immense asset. If we aquired the right superior system and the coaches bought in then we would be ok, but this adjusted hybrid is not good enough and the coaches dont have a better alternative either on paper or in their heads or we would be seeing it right now.

Ryan Whitney is a classic example of a one dimensional elite performer being asked to provide two dimensional support to a two dimensional system, and it just isnt going to work. This entire dynamic is the responsibility of the coaches and managment , Ryan has every right to be peeved at this blatant mismanagment so does MPS and several otherscaught in the evolutionary "system cross-fire" we are stuck in right now.
Its literally impossible to read this and "War and Peace" at the same time.

As far as what I can discern out of your post I disagree and feel pro players should be able to make adjustments over multiple seasons. Additionally when I see Whitney getting chonically turned around like a turnstile the last that comes to mind looking at his incompetent one on one play is that its the system at fault.

You're being too clever by half in not using Occams Razor here.

Whitney is getting beat like a rented mule several times a game and probably regardless of system used.

There is no possible hockey system devised to save a D from an inability to maintain contain.

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