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02-15-2013, 06:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Blind Gardien View Post
Voted Eller. On the assumption that he's the only one of the two we'd get anything good for. I don't see the point in trading Desharnais for a 3rd round pick or whatever. At least in trading Eller I'd dare to hope we actually got something really good in return.

But you can't really ask the question in isolation. You have to say would you rather trade "Eller for XXXXX" vs. "Desharnais for YYYYYY"... the return and if/how it improves our hockey team is all that matters.
That's true. But, barring some really good payoff in X or Y, I would say: trade neither, at least now.

As I see it, would the replacement for either one of them at centre be better for the team than having both? I suppose we have to speculate what X and Y could be, but I don't see a replacement centre in the Habs' system that would make the team better. Especially if Galchenyuk or Plekanec get injured.

I could see an argument that having White (when matured) playing in a 4th line role, perhaps platooning with Prust, would be bring better balance overall. But I don't see that yet, and even a 48 game season is a long season that will have injuries, so I would just let Therrien figure it out.

(Unless X or Y is really good. Like, gives me a reason to spend more time in the stickied draft thread.)

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