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Originally Posted by LAIslanderFan View Post
The only thing I ask, is that you watch Moulson's play in the offensive zone away from the puck.
If he has a shot at playing the puck against the boards or behind the net, he intentionallytakes a bad angle, to avoid physical contact. This insures the defender can clear the zone, meaning less time in the offensive zone, and less chance for a scoring opportunity.
Moulson is not an asset, he's a detriment. Please focus on him, especially when the puck is along the boards on his wing. Watch his pursuit closely! He's allowing the play to leave the offensive zone, because he's a soft player and has gotten used to JT doing all the dirty work for him. That's not what you want your star player to do, to take the physical battle day in and day out. Eventually JT will wear down and get injured. Then Matty will score 12 goals a year and end up like Mark Parrish, an NHL journeymen.
You're not totally wrong but that's a bit harsh. Moulson is not an elite 2 way player but he does what he does very well. And you can't deny his chemistry with JT. He can dish a pass too and usually knows what John will do or where he'll be. He saucered a fantastic pass in the 3rd, past 2 Rangers that John almost scored on, but his weight was on his back foot. He is one dimensional but it's a big dimension, especially when paired with JT.

Once they find a strong 2 way power forward to flank them, watch out. It's not Boyes or Okposo and we can't wait for our prospects (Nino could be 2 or 3 years away but it's most likely not him either.) He must come through a trade and I'm willing to part with a major piece + a high draft pick for this player. I'd love to see Bailey or Ullstrom there for a few games but that probably won't happen and they're not ideal either. Boyes could improve and learn his role as we go. It's not crazy to hope for. I'd love a Ryan Callahan type - big, mobile and smart to open up some space for John. I think Callahan is Ullstrom's upside, we'll see.

Moulson is not a "star player" and doesn't need to be. If he can keep putting 30+ goals in like he has, he can say there. Plus, have you looked at his games played, because he hasn't missed a game as an Islander. Almost unreal for a guy with his frame. He takes his punishment and comes back out every shift. 69 points last season and a +1. Consider me a fan for what he does for us.

TriCycleDriveBy, I obviously totally agree with this... "It's not building around Moulson, it's building around JT. It's giving him someone he can pass to and knows will finish. What that line needs is someone else who has the ability to puck control from the corner to free up Tavares so he can get more open looks. If they had that, then the other team has to worry about JT's playmaking ability and Moulson being able to finish. You don't want it to be a scenario where if they shut down Tavares the line sucks."

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