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Originally Posted by waffledave View Post
He's too small and too slow. His game revolves around his hockey sense and being smarter than the opposition. Against tougher matchups, his advantage becomes less effective because he's playing against smart players. He's at his best on the PP and vs weaker opposition. I'm not bashing him, he just excels in certain situations vs others. It comes down to whether you feel the trade off is worth it. Someone will have to eat the tougher matcups. So far DD has struggled in that role.
He is very agile in his movement, prayer the puck in any situation, be it skating in the middle of the zone surrounded by 4 guys or while he is flatten on ths board: he keeps control of the damn puck more often than not.

He is a supreme puck thief, is opportune in his movement and is starting to emerge as a clever defensive play-reader. He struggles on the board in his own zone, but he is actually damn good defensively in the upper zone.

Yes, he required certain special support to be optimal; but I believe his upside is much higher than what many suspects. He can carry a line offensively.

He keeps getting better. He should be thrown under the bus just because he doesn't match the accepted paradigm on HFBoards.

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