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Originally Posted by LAIslanderFan View Post
The one thing you're overlooking is Moulson's weakness also hurts the Isles in the offensive zone. Because he lacks the drive or passion to battle and forecheck, the Islanders lose offensive zone time and have to rely on JT to makeup for Moulson's soft play. That should not fall on JT, JT is the superstar and he needs the support, not Moulson.

I also think that's why people have been asking for more of a grinder to go on that top line, so tavares and [x] can do the grinding while moulson does his thing.

This is way off. There should be a grinder and (x) so Tavares can do his thing. Tavares will be a much more prolific scorer with support. The idea isn't to build around Moulson, it's to build around Tavares and make him the focus.
He has been worse then normal this year challenging or being challenged for the puck so I agree 100%. Perhaps he is coming down with a little primadonna syndrome, so he doesn't have to sacrifice his body because he is the scoring BFF of the team's core player? I think I would bench him for that reason alone if I suspected it. But really his defensive play is 0, his battle level to strip pucks is 0, his physicality is 0.... Why the heck did he choose hockey over golf? Perhaps Matt should invest in a trainer and add some muscle, it isn't like it is going to slow him down any more from his slow-very slow range. It would help him compete in front of the net and along the boards and might even add a little game in his own end of the ice, assuming he knows what to do down there which lately is far from a given. If I had a top 5 worst defensive or physical players for the club, he'd place.

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