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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Its literally impossible to read this and "War and Peace" at the same time.

As far as what I can discern out of your post I disagree and feel pro players should be able to make adjustments over multiple seasons. Additionally when I see Whitney getting chonically turned around like a turnstile the last that comes to mind looking at his incompetent one on one play is that its the system at fault.

You're being too clever by half in not using Occams Razor here.

Whitney is getting beat like a rented mule several times a game and probably regardless of system used.

There is no possible hockey system devised to save a D from an inability to maintain contain.
Pro players can and do make adjustments systemwise , they normally take their average game and adjust it right to average again. When you are talking about an elite player like Whitney you arent talking average dynamics, elite players are normally one dimensioal and this is how they attain elite results. Because they are one dimensional system adjustments affect them more tan the average Joe out on the ice, they are specialists and that is what it is. You dont choose to aknowledge this fact. So be it.

If you choose to focus on the individual with your curative analysis as opposed to the system thats ok, one dimensional thinking is exactly what took the players to the point where you noticed their performance. Some see the player at fault and some see the system at fault.

Whitney is caught in a system evolution, it is what it is.

There is most definately a system that helps d-men maintain contain, it is based on proper gapping combined with a half and a full-rink cycle and it is called the NewAge Hockey System. Individuals dont "maintain contain" on their own man, peripheral support from an adequate system execution "maintains contain", Whitney cant maintain contain as per adjusted hybrid system requirements, if he was able to play within different system parameters he wouldnt be being beaten so often and so cleanly. In fact if the adjusted hybrid was executed as we have done for all but the last 2 years Ryan would be excelling, but we are trying to incorporate more transitional direction into the adjusted hybrid, this will not work with or without Whitney because the adjusted hybrid comes with a set play defensive structure that Whitney fits to a tee , Ralph can continue to look for solutions within the roster all he wants to and it wont create any more goals than this system has traditionally created and this adjusted hybrid has never been an offensive powerhouse. Oilers managment keeps the illusion alive that this is close to the Dynast system, they are nuts.

The Oilers are simply trying to squeeze more offense out of a system that was never created or designed to support dominant offense, it was designed to create competative offense and competative defense, to use set play structured fastbreak defense and to use a transitional offensive zone approach. Its that simple.

I like the "maintain contain" phrase, ha ha ha, no one can consistantly maintain contain one on one in any team sport, its not possible. An individual assignment systemwise is ALWAYS supported by more than one player. There is no such thing as individual failure. Ralph Kruegers system is being beaten like a rented mule, ha ha ha. Ryan is consistantly unable to maintain forward pressure on the forcheck as Ralphs system requires, thats it thats all. Nothing else is wrong. There is no phantom ankle injury no physical restrictions, the system has changed and Ryan is having trouble adjusting to his new responsibilitys. His skillset and talent are still 100% there. he needs to be supporting Smyth-Horcs-Hemmer on the 3rd line and they ought to be kept as a fastbreak line with Whitney supporting them but Krueger want system continuity from all lines equally, it is a sensible approach from a coach.

Ralph cannot manage a system that is catalysed by more than one style on more than one line, who could?? There is no currently utilised system designed to incorporate many different dynamic styles on a line by line basis except the NewAge Hockey System and it isnt officially being used anywhere in its full capacity at the moment. If Ralph or a minion posts and asks they shall recieve the data in full. I created the NHS and can assure you that it is superior to anything you have played or watched or been coached to understand.

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