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02-15-2013, 07:00 PM
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Originally Posted by BadMedicine View Post
Thanks for the astute reminder and good on ya for remembering to post the "many in here" part, you speak for yourself not the many.

I know it is difficult to use a smart phone when the post is long, but variety is the spice of life, and we cant have every post the same length all the time and we cant punish the odd person who chooses to post more than others either. I am not seeking special privilages I am just pointing out that we cant expect perfection and we all need to take one for the team now and then and if you are on your phone and take one for the team it is what it is. I dont post on every thread and we seem to have met in the middle here. I hope your viewing pleasure hasnt been to disrupted.

On a side note I myself dont really like having to read twenty posts that say the same thing even if they are only ten words long. You arent on Twitter and I am not on a blog, we are at opposite ends of the spectrum but both in the right place.

No harm no foul. We both belong here and so do our perspectives, I will try to keep it shorter to accomodate the tech situation and work together with everyone if you agree to relax on the word Nazi propoganda bandwagon by attempting to flame up other posters by using terminology like "many in here". It isnt necessary to try to recruit more negative comments this way . It is nice that you are keeping score of the length of others posts but if you focused that time on scrolling down we wouldnt be talking about it would we? Or are you really waiting for a few more posters to agree with you so you can fan the flames?

I dont mind when someone expresses their perspective to me and asks me to make an adjustment but I dont like it when i am bullied by someone trying to recruit others by flaming me even a tad, and then waiting to smell the smoke when others possibly show up and join in. No offense and there are obviously people who feel like both of us but you dont have a right to utilise others opinions who arent here now to make your own point, trust me you are clear enough on your own. If you want to initiate a poll then just post one, its ok.

I respect your opinion and hope you respect mine. I will make an effort to keep the post shorter so it is easier to use phones to read the thread, but I cant gaurantee to satisfy your comfort zone every time, rest assured i will make a fair effort though.
Your signal to noise ratio is very low.

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