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Originally Posted by blamebettman View Post
His 199 point season was the greatest single season in NHL history. Better than Gretzky's 215 pt masterpiece in 85-86

compare who he played with relative to who Gretzky played with.

Plus Mario played 4 fewer games (76 to Wayne's 80)
Mario played with some pretty good offensively minded players in 89 in a system that catered to his skill set.

I'm one guy who thinks that Mario is over rated as a hockey player. He is hands down the most skilled guy I have ever seen but his game was all about scoring and that was it.

Wayne had better production and is known as a winner while Mario doesn't have that reputation, mainly because he wasn't as concerned about winning as Wayne was.

If he had paid more attention and cared about the overall game and winning he might have had more team success, it's only speculation of course.

As it was I wonder if he wins any Cups without the massive airlift of players in for the 92 and 93 SC's.

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