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Originally Posted by Glacial View Post
- Rangers go way back, but there was that other NY team that the NHL screwed over (the temporary hiatus which quietly became a permanent fold). The Islanders seemed to target suburban long island (similar position as the Ducks & Angels). Devils were tied to Jersey. Hmm, anyone know more of the Islanders backstory, how the team was pitched back when it was created?

- Yankees & Mets. Mets arrived in Queens, trying to replace the Dodgers that exited Brooklyn & Giants that exited Manhattan (Yankees based out of the Bronx). They went from 3 teams to 1. The Mets had to be created as the lynchpin of thwarting a rival league from forming. Doesn't quite seem to parallel. The Giants were fairly successful early on, though the Yankees eclipsed them by the 1920s.

- Dodgers & Angels. Dodgers only preceeded the Angels in LA by 3 seasons. Angels settled in Orange County. There was also NL/AL rivalry. Remember, before 1968, the Angels were the only AL team in California. They seemed to market themselves as a statewide team, thus their name for many years, the California Angels.

[Or would it be a case where many are indifferent about a theoretical 2nd GTA team but when one actually arrives, they'll change their tune?
The Islanders were similar to the Mets in that they were to thwart a rival league. The NHL didn't want the WHA to move into Long Island.

The Dodgers/Angels was partly due to the fact that back then the AL and NL really considered themselves separate leagues. They each had their own commissioner until the 90s. Until the 93 expansion the leagues did their own expansions and neither contributed players or received expansion fees from the other. Ao the AL wanted to be in SoCal too. for 4 years the Angels shared Dodger Stadium they moved to OC because they were tired of the second tier treatment they got there.

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