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02-15-2013, 07:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Oiltankjob 4 93 64 View Post
I asked a simple ? I am not the flaming type, I have seen many posts from people asking you to shorten them and countless tl:dr remarks. I did start a account because My experience lurking this Hf Oiler site became painfull when your posts was ruining my experience on my phone . But whatever do what you do cheers. Hope this short response is not considered flaming.
Gotcha, "many posts from people"{recruiting the minions again?} "and countless remarks", and my long posts "forced" you to start an account because it was "to painfull" to read on your phone. 'ruining your experience??" what can I say to that you are textbook. Glad you have an account now , I understood your question and also the dynamic reaction you were trying to instigate in the periphery by speaking for the "many people" who arent here now. I understand you know very well what those types of comments cause, as I said you are looking to recruit support here on this thread and that is flaming wether it is you or another poster who first gets their hands dirty.

Call it sparking then instead of flaming if it is more comfortable.

Nothing personal, I am reacting to the recruitment of people who arent here to speak for themselves and the dynamic result intended or not, I respect that you werent trying to outright flame me here but I have been online on many forums enough to recognise the subtle dynamics that cause trouble if not addressed.

I speak for myself and you speak for yourself, we dont need to reference people who arent here. Every perspective has supporters online and its the call out to them that causes most of the trouble on threads. If my reaction was to call out to people who like longer posts eventually some would react and post, but then we are having a battle of perspective instead of meeting in the middle.

It aint Twitter and it aint a Blog, so lets meet in the middle and be happy. My apologies for causing you hardship with your technology, I will try to accomodate and hopfully things will get better for both of us. No harm no foul.

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