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Originally Posted by Drewbackatu View Post
A guarantee you want? Lol!
The point is the window of opportunity was wide open last year with teams we had no prayer of beating in a playoff series(Bruins, Pens) knocked out in the 1st round.

If for arguments sake we had Nash last year, don't you think our chances would have been a lot better against the Devils??

When you're trading for an elite talent like a Nash, etc, you can't label players like Stepan(1 goal in 25 games in the playoffs), Del Zotto(who looks at times like he was just introduced to the position of defense) or even Kreider(who may have a special skillset but who has proven absolutely nothing so far!) as
"untouchables!!". Ridiculous!
Kreider had 5 goals in the playoffs. He played really well. Would Nash be enough of an upgrade over that that we'd be able to beat the Devils who dominated us? Kreider was also a shot in the arm to the team emotionally. The team looked spent in the Ottawa series until he showed up. We may not get out of the first round without him! Ok, and maybe we beat the Devils, we're not beating the Kings. Nash alone would not have made the difference. The Kings were just playing on another level. Stepan was our #2 center. Would you want Boyle to be our #2 center? We'd give up possibly Dubi and Artie in the deal. We'd have Brian ****ing Boyle as our #2 center in the playoffs. Yeah we're beating the Devils and Kings with that. Also you irrational HATE for DZ makes you lose all ****ing common sense man. Do you want Stu ****ing Bickel as our #5 D-man? Un-****ing-real. Maybe we should also have shipped your other favorite defenseman Staal and had Bickel in our #2 pairing.

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