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Washington - Been there twice. The first time was a bit more rowdy as we sat by a bunch of college kids. We won that game and they screamed obscenities at us most of the game. The second time we sat right behind the Hurricanes bench and got a puck tossed to us from Jussi. That was a much calmer experience as we lost in the shootout. Got a fair bit of booing on the subway after the game tho. Overall both good experiences and I would definitely go again.

Atlanta - This was a really ridiculous trip as we drove down and got there just in time for the game and left immediately after the game. We won tho and now that the Thrashers are gone, I'm glad I got to go while I could. No problems with the fans at all.

Philadelphia - This was really the only bad experience I've had. It was the game a few years ago where we pulled out to a big lead and then the Flyers came back and tied it and then won in the shootout when we had fainting goat in goal. We were constantly chirped (to be expected) but then it went to throwing things at us. At one point the even took my Canes hat off and threw it around and stomped on it. The most surprising fact while all of this was going on was that an usher was directly beside us at an entrance into the arena and laughed and thought it was all funny. I was actually worried we were going to get hurt leaving the arena. I would go again, but not in Canes gear.

Boston - Went to the afternoon game after Thanksgiving a couple years ago. Got the normal smack talk, but otherwise had a good time. Didn't hurt the experience that Ward got a 3-0 shutout.

New York Rangers - Had an exceptional experience here except for losing in the shootout. Took the subway into the arena and never had the first comment from anyone. The only time we started getting some smack talk was on the way out of the arena after the game. This sweet older lady in her Rangers jersey came up in between me and my buddy and yelled at everyone to "leave her boys alone"! Would definitely go back to Madison Square Garden.

New Jersey - Nothing wrong with it, but a pretty lame experience. Ate the absolute worst hot dog ever. Very quiet crowd that never got into the game even though the Devils won 2-0. The neat thing about the game there was that they had a place out back where fans could go up and talk to the visiting team as the exited the building heading for the bus. Would go back if I was in the area, but wouldn't be terribly high on my list.

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