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12-18-2003, 05:48 AM
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Originally Posted by dempsey_k
It's a grass-roots thing. Hockey won't catch on completely in all of America because most places you can't have out-door rinks for kids to play on, but in Canada, Russia and the northern US, the cold winters allow outdoor rinks to play shinny hockey on. I was wondering if France's weather allowed room for such development.

I've always wondered why England, France, Germany etc. never took to ice hockey like Scandinavia and Russia, could it be weather ?

Ice hockey is quite big in Germany these days. If there's a lock out next season it will become even bigger as some NHL stars seek to play the year over in Europe. And quite a players from the DEL are making it over to the NHL now so helping the popularity of ice hockey. It isn't cold enough this far south though (south of Sweden), although as your man mentioned previously, in the Alpine regions it is, but still in those regions they play on indoor rinks I believe.

In the UK, hockey is a minor sport and as in France it is up against the traditional sports football and rugby. It's just not cold enough in most of the UK to play outside and where it is cold enough there are generally very small local populations. We don't have a big enough pro league to generate enough interest. I suspect hockey will never take off over in the UK, not to the extent that it has in Germany anyway.

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