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02-15-2013, 08:50 PM
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Just finished reading The Throat by Peter Straub, the third book in the "Blue Rose Trilogy". Koko (#1) took me a bit to get through, but I enjoyed it overall and I thought Mystery (#2) and The Throat were fantastic front-to-back.

On "The Blue Rose" from wiki:
Together with Koko and The Throat, Mystery forms a series of novels often referred to as the "Blue Rose Trilogy." Though the novels feature similar themes and many of the same characters, they do not take place in strict continuity with each other; for instance, the main character of Mystery, Tom Pasmore, goes on to appear in The Throat and two other novels, but a major element of Tom's backstory- a childhood accident that left him hospitalized and incapacitated for several months- is transplanted to the main character of those novels, a writer and Vietnam veteran named Tim Underhill.

The title "Blue Rose" refers to the signature of a serial killer who committed a series of murders in Underhill's hometown (the words Blue Rose were written on walls near the bodies of each victim). The murders are only briefly mentioned in Koko and Mystery, but become the central focus of The Throat.

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