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Originally Posted by dethomas07 View Post
Being on this board reading all you shenanigans is like riding the kingda ka across america and back....

I agree with most that Kreider should play and learn on the fly..Miller has show enough to stay and those two should be playing daily..


you guys rat on one player for poor play and say they are overvalued and should be traded or cut and then they'll have a good game and be stellar and then they're top centers/wings etc again...

its so funny reading this, you guys change your thoughts daily..

the biggest thing about this team is we changed over key players from last years team plain and simple...

we changed our entire bottom 6 and it just goes to show you can't be a top heavy team because your exposed, but mainly we're so up and down is because everyone is trying to come a custom to the new system and team (halper, powe, asham, pyatt, miller/kreider even, nash, gaborik playing LW) all this adds up to a cluster **** and learning on the fly since no training camp..

we're 6-3-1 our last 10 from starting the reason basically 0-3.. how about we all relax, buckle up in our seats and watch as the season goes on.. we're only going to get better and the NHL season is a big up and down season.. hockey is all about facing adversity, which every team is going through... Philly sucks this year, toronto is in the playoff picture, Montreal is there... but look at our schedule and who we've been playing solid teams night in and night out.. we played boston 3 times, pitt 2 give me a break, and noone of those teams have gone through any changes... Boston is probably the deepest team in the league and havent changed much of there roster except a player or 2 in 3-4 even 5 years soo hang on... LGR!!!!!!! and enjoy the show bc its always going to be up and down it happens to every team!!! we need to get use to each other and we'll grow as a team!!!

We're still a young team, mistakes will happen!!
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