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02-15-2013, 09:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Stars23 View Post
You need glasses? I said I would post the video tonight or tomorrow - stop bothering me and get a life.
I don't need glasses. If you're going to get the video, then it makes sense to wait until you actually have the video before creating the thread. As it stands, what you have done is basically pointless as all you have given are your own inflammatory opinions with a few lies tossed in.

Originally Posted by Stars23 View Post
Just because i post something you don't like and you start going ape, relax
You keep telling me to calm down or relax, and yet I am not hostile. The hostility will be coming to the thread soon though, I'm sure. I expect you didn't make a ridiculous thread and then expect a bunch of posters to come in here and marvel at your insights.

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