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02-15-2013, 09:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Solid post but with all due respect I was calling out the toplines play in OKC on a regular basis and seeing extensive trouble with that units persistence, consistency, and battle effort. No doubt that the stars feasted on lesser, or unprepared opponents but against reasonable efforts, pressure, and team systems they struggled. At the AHL level.
That this line wasn't clicking and working to the degree that they should was not only predictable, it was being demonstrated.

I guess people expected the topline to just escalate their performance as soon as the NHL season started. That seldom happens seamlessly. Bad habits, I could list several, were being acquired, which I called out several times and few agreed with the concerns. Fact is my comments were being shouted out in those game threads as being ridiculous.

Without being paired with J Schultz the top line is horrendous. RNH 5 on5 production is 1pt/60mins. These are Brodziak type numbers playing on 2nd or 3rd line. They are incomprehensible for a #1 pick top unit forward with huge toi.
Yeah apologies, didn't mean to throw out a blanket statement like that.

RNH's situation especially on that top line just disappoints to no end. Our five-on-five play is a team wide issue, but what concerns me is opposing teams are completely shutting him down on the powerplay. They don't even keep their sticks active, they simply take away the cross ice pass to Eberle. Schultz is the only pass option on the outside, and teams have enough time to take away his wrister when they know that's where the puck is going.

The best players adapt to defensive awareness of other team and try to be unpredictable. RNH is smart enough to do this, and what is going to get that PP going again is some actual mobility. The stationary umbrella is easy to coach against unfortunately. Gotta move that puck faster and get the PK'ers scrambling a little.

I'll try to stay positive and say that if he gets on a hot streak (somehow) the team will go on a little mini winning streak themselves. He has to be the offensive leader on this team. Time to take the chances out of scoring chances =P

Originally Posted by McArthur View Post
I like this... Instead of waiting for them to get better, we can take comfort in knowing that they will. There will come a time that this team explodes. From top to bottom, games where the best teams bring their best game and it won't be enough.

My hope is for the fans.

I hope you cheer with the same attention for detail that you scrutinized them with! We deserve a winning team, and it's in front of us right now. It's time we let them know it. Let's go Oilers! Let's go!
There's one of these predictions in every GDT, and it always gets my hopes up no matter what don't know about anyone else, but it leaves me extra frustrated every game.

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