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02-15-2013, 09:28 PM
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2. Ho-Sang needs to play better or get the **** off the team I mean he got dropped from the first to the last line today and why? Because he ****'s around with the puck way to much I mean your not playing pond hockey there bud dump and chase, use your teammates and put the puck on net instead of trying to go through the whole opposing team. It's really annoying seein him try and do it 10+ times a game and it rarely works, kid will go nowhere if he keeps it up... He can be a star and everyone see's it and I do to but he has to cut that **** out and play some actual hockey this ain't no skills competition.
...and if we deal him because he won't cut that "****" out, and he succeeds, people will complain that WR gave up on him too easily. Let the kid develop. He's one of the top rookie scorers. I didn't see anyone complaining when Hall put on a show, or attempted to, in his rookie year.

URNVS - wrist-shot from the low-slot that beat Pavelka to the blocker side. Not a bad goal, but one I'm sure the defence would love to have back.

1. To many Americans, I'm sorry it's alright to have a couple Americans but when your team has to many like they currently have then your in trouble, instead of taking gambles on americans in the draft go after canadians...they play with a lot more heart IMO at least.
The Americans we have:

Johnson, Aleardi, Vail, Bowen, Sieloff, Ebert

I'm not seeing major issues here. Johnson struggled at the start, but is actually close to his goal total from last year.

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