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02-15-2013, 10:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Habbybirthday View Post
Look at the hockey sense in this guy. You and I are on the same page.
Our team is good right now. not great. maybe a little bit off being a cup contender. But big bodies do not create cups. And to base your hockey team's greatness on cup win's... is setting yourself up for failure. There are 32 competitive teams, only one wins.. once a year.. anybody who watches hockey knows that there is skill involved in winning, there is heart involved with winning, speed involved with winning, grit involved in winning, momentum involved in winning, LUCK involved with winning and also size involved with winning, among countless other factors.

What "no team needed" has said is true. If we switched out all of our undersize players for big bodied players.. It does not guarantee us a competitive hockey team. If we were flyers right now everyone on this forum would be sitting in there bathtubs with razor blades, drunk off molson dry beer wondering why all this big bodied team hasn't won us a cup.. whhyyyyy

Big isn't always better. it's the motion BAM in the ocean.
If that is not your standard for success, then why keep score in the games?

Give every player a nice little trophy that looks like a miniature Stanley Cup and everyone's self esteem will be improved. No winners, no losers.

Its too hard to win a Cup.

Why do you even watch sports?

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