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02-15-2013, 11:48 PM
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Originally Posted by hairylikebear View Post
He played that exactly how he was supposed to. The goalie always plays the shot, the defensemen play the pass. Sedin has elite hockey IQ and if he sees the goalie playing the pass he will snipe it. Just because he doesn't do it often doesn't mean he can't.

Bachman has an excellent ability to read the play. If he didn't he would never have made it to the NHL as a small goalie.
You're not supposed to bite shot, and that's what he did. He left no room to get over to make the save. A great goalie will anticipate what will happen and leave room for the other option if he's wrong.

I can't agree about Bachman's hockey IQ. He doesn't read plays that well, often makes the wrong decision.

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