Thread: Prospect Info: 2013 NHL Draft Thread
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02-15-2013, 11:04 PM
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No one here has suggested we actually TANK. No one has ever suggested benching players just so we lose or to purposely lose. Personally just once id like to see the jackets get a player in the draft who makes a instant impact is that too much to ask for? Nash was all fine and dandy and hooray for his successes in NYR so far, but the jackets are so close to being a really good strong franchise. This season I don't really see us making the playoffs with a new GM and President. I would be more than willing to let them test all the players out in all situations to see what they really have. Another franchise player on this roster and one or two more skilled helpers and this team is a playoff contender for years. Whatever happens this season is whatever. My sights are set on the deadline, draft, and the first day of training camp. It's just what I've come accustomed to being a jackets fan, that little bit of hope for next season after a draft or big trade.

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