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02-15-2013, 11:10 PM
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Originally Posted by No Team Needed View Post
I've lived through three dynasties so far: Canadiens, Islanders and Oilers.

I watched the Islanders out play every rough and tumble team in the NHL in the early 80s. They had what many of you would call soft as butter players. But these guys had skill that no third liner in the NHL could touch back in the day and they played like a unit. They supported each other but it wasn't from dropping gloves. They supported each other through goal scoring, defence and goaltending. That was the Islanders dynasty. It was a team working together as a team and it was a team with unrivalled skill until the Oilers got older.

The Oilers and Canadiens were similar to this. Those weren't the teams people were afraid to fight. Those were the teams people were afraid to play because they'd question their ability to play in the NHL. When you go to throw a high check on Gretzky and he's already skated by you, what does toughness give you? When Guy Lafleur just made you look silly in the D zone, why bother dropping the gloves? When you have to face Bossy, Trottier and Gillies and even then you got Butch Goring and Denis Potvin to deal with, it doesn't matter whose knee you try to take out. You're still getting eliminated from the playoffs.

That's why those teams won. That's why those teams were dynasties. That's why those teams were great. I'll take Goring and Bossy winning Lady Byngs over just about anyone playing the game today.

Done with this thread.
Yup, those teams were tough too. Guys like Gainey, Robinson, Trottier, Messier, Potvin and others were a huge part of those teams. They certainly weren't small and as talented as they were, they could play a strong physical game as well.

It's about balance and our club I think is too small and soft right now. There's just too many smurfs for us to win. Its fine to have a player like DD in your lineup. But when you combine him in your lineup with Gionta, Plecs and Gallagher you're just asking to be pushed around.

It would be one thing of those guys were elite talents that could each rack up 100 points but that's not the case. These are 50 point players who are small... It''s just not going to work. If we're serious about winning a cup, that needs to change.

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